Safety and Wellness

Safety and Wellness

Our People Are Our Highest Priority 


Whether it's on the job or at home, we're committed to ensuring the safety and wellness of our employees and contractors - nothing is more important. And providing a safe, healthy and respectful work environment is just the start to how we do that.

On the job, our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System integrates internationally regarded best management practices into our operations, while also affirming our ongoing safe and environmentally responsible performance. This proactive approach allows us to understand risks, take action and prevent incidents from occurring in the first place, as we continue to drive toward zero injuries and incidents. We conduct investigations and communicate incident findings to ensure lessons are shared throughout the company.

Employees and leaders are held accountable for safety performance through Mosaic’s remuneration policy, which links employee and leadership bonuses to safety performance through a risk reduction measure with a management system effectiveness assessment qualifier. Mosaic’s safety performance, as measured by indicators such as recordable injury frequency rate (RIFR), has improved significantly over the last several years, and we are shifting our focus to leading indicators as a way to further drive safety performance.

Our EHS and HR teams have also joined forces in creating a wellness program that will focus on physical, psychological and financial health. The program will include training and offer resources and tools for both employees and managers. We also provide competitive benefits, and our employees have the flexibility to choose programs that best meet their needs.

We were validated in this approach and in our 10-year EHS journey by being named the 2020 Robert W. Campbell Award winner by the National Safety Council.

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Our 2025 ESG Performance Targets chevron

Our sustainability journey continues, and our 2025 targets are representative of where we're headed over the next several years. These targets will guide our efforts as we hold ourselves accountable to measurable progress. We're proud to be a responsible company and a global industry leader in this space.